The museum collection Photography began to form in 1977.  The collection includes photographs, negatives, slides, photo albums. Among them are domestic photos of 2nd half 19th  – beginning of the 20th centuries with images of the citizens and the military, where it is possible to trace the style of clothes, shoes and hairstyles; with architectural monuments; with ceremonial activities: wedding, Christmas, Easter, Fathers, etc.; photos of the new Soviet holidays and traditions: wedding, naming, civil, agricultural and calendar holidays; pictures with images of famous Belarusian public figures – politicians, writers, poets, and so on. The most valuable museum objects in the museum’s collection are:

  • Photo album  by Alfred Romer. Belarus, middle 19th  – beginning of the 20th centuries;
  • Photo. Belarusian shelter in township Grodno 25.IV.1920 (with a list of names). Grodno, 1920;
  • Photo. Father Melchior Fardon. Grodno, 1919, and others.

As of 01.01.2022, the museum collection Photography consists of 2323 objects of the main fund and 4744 items of scientific and auxiliary materials’ fund.