Events 2017

Grodno State Museum of the History of Religion invites you to visit events and exhibitions in 2017.


 Exhibition Heroes of Children’s Books and Ccartoons on Postcards of the Last Century. In February – March 2017 young and adult visitors of the museum will meet with their favorite characters of books (fairy tales, stories) and cartoons of 20th century;

Exhibition Attire of the Divine Light. Timed to the XVI International Festival of Orthodox Chants Kalozha Blagovest, the exhibition dedicated to the art of icons and book riza.

Exhibition Ball Christmas Blizzards. Elements of ballroom dresses, elegant ladies’ and men’s accessories will create feeling of Christmas ball among visitors. A superb collection of mandatory attributes of ladies ballroom dresses – fans of 18th – early 20th centuries from China, France, England, Ireland, Germany, Spain – will help to present the true atmosphere of the Christmas holiday. The exhibition provides excursions with an interactive part.

Exhibition of one object The First Edition of the Works of St. Ephrem the Syrian – a Sample of the Printed Art of 18th Century. To the visitors’ attention is proposed collection of works of St. Ephrem the Syrian (306-373), in 1740 first published in 1740 in Rome. Numerous engravings, savers, endings, initials, made by famous engravers of Italy, turns the edition into the sample of typographic art.


– March begins with animation and educational program The Wheel of History. The first lesson is devoted to acquaintance with the archaic beliefs of our ancestors through the fascinating theatrical performance for young and adult visitors of the museum. Puppet personages clearly demonstrate the way of life in primitive society, its change over time, will highlight the multifaceted pagan beliefs.

– Event, devoted to the Jewish festival of Purim, established in memory of the Jewish people salvation from extermination by king Artaxerxes’ minister Aman (in the framework of the program Days of Jewish Culture).

– Exhibition Bright Easter Holiday. Exhibition – a joint project of the Museum and the Embassy of Palestine in the Republic of Belarus. The exhibition will display objects of  sacred theme made of nacre. The art of making objects of nacre, originated in Palestine in 17th century, soon became traditional for this region. Palestine today is the center of the wares production of nacre, in which entwined Christian and Islamic traditions.


 – Event dedicated to Pesach, established in memory of the exodus of the Jews from slavery in Egypt (in the framework of the program Days of Jewish Culture). Participants will learn about the history of the holiday, musical performances and poetry of the Jewish poets will sound for them.

– Museum quest to the 500th anniversary of book-printing in Belarus for pupils of I stage of education around the exposition Religion and Culture in Belarus. In the form of a game there will be held acquaintance with the book heritage of Belarusian lands, with those who stood at the cradle of the Belarusian book culture: Cyril of Turov, Francis Skorina, Euphrosyne of Polotsk. Guests will have to use not only knowledge of history, but also apply the ability to search for finding answers.

Exhibition Cities of the World: Century-Old Look. The collection includes rare postcards of late 19th – first third of 20th centuries with views of world cities. The most fully there will be presented the cities of the countries neighboring with Belarus: Russia, Poland, Lithuania.


– On May 20- action Day and Night at the Museum to the International Museum Day. Magic night, filled with the fragrance of flowers, will envelop guests with atmosphere of romance, love, tenderness and gallantry. Ladies and gentlemen will have the opportunity to recall the important rules of etiquette dictated by society a few centuries ago, to learn the language of the fan in perfection, to confer privately but openly together with second half with the help of unusual game, enjoy a theatrical performance in the open air, warming by fragrant flower tea, and more else.

– Exhibition Lessons of the Century (Soviet poster art of 1917-1991). The exhibition will present posters of atheistic period of 1919-1980s. Many of them are examples of excellent graphics. Being most often as samples of miserable, primitive propaganda, Soviet posters are original mirror of nearly 80-years period of the huge country and are interesting pages of the world satirical graphics.

– Exhibition of one object Mug of 17th Century – a Unique Monument of Russian Copper Art

Copper utensils of 17th century belong to the most valuable monuments of material culture. A special place among them belongs to mug – popular at home drinking vessels. A leisurely, thorough, efficient life of the past was provided not only by hard working but also by convenient beautiful utensils. Copper cups, ladles and bratina made with great taste and skill, tell of respect of master to work and to the people for whom he worked. An example of this is the mug decorated with stamped floral ornament, soft roundness and quiet form of which has much in common with the wooden pieces of folk art.


Exhibition Talisman. Amulet. Charm. Objects of exhibition provide a unique opportunity to dip into the mysterious world of a talisman, to familiarize with the history and traditions of the use of magic objects in the cultures of different peoples.

The desire of man to protect themselves from failures, disease, and evil is as old as man himself. Since the days of cave dwellers amulet – the object, endowed with secret magical powers, served as human defender.

During the exhibition, visitors will be able to make one of the Slavic amulets on their own.

– End of June – early July: festival of silent movie Cinemo. For three evenings in the courtyard of the museum there will be on display silent movie by classics of world cinema voiced by modern musicians and composers.


– Exhibition Book Treasures (to the 500th anniversary of book-printing in Belarus and Reformation). The exhibition will present unique manuscripts and early printed books of 16th – 18th centuries of various confessions, including publications of Reformation.

Exhibition of one object Francis Skoryna in medal art. At the exhibition there will be presented medals issued to the 500th anniversary of the Belarusian first printer Francis Skorina.

– On August 25 – event Living Legends. Guests will meet with the first owner of the palace Karol Hreptovich – excursion into the past of the palace through the centuries. Travelling around significant places of the city connected with Karol Hreptovich. Program duration – 2 hours.


– From September 14 to November 12 it is planned the exhibition Belarusian Heroes of Fairy Tales, Myths, Legends. Damavik and Yovnik, Shatan and Zlyden, Jiten and other characters of Belarusian fairy tales and myths are the protagonists of the exhibition, created in the framework of one of LIPA.CLUB project phases, which aims to promote Belarussian modern art in the world. Residents and guests of our city will have opportunity to be among the first to see this unique project with elements of quest, combining classic shapes (graphics, sculpture), and advanced interactive technologies. Exhibition brings interesting elements of the game, creative and interactive. You will travel not only in the world of the Belarusian mythology, but also in the secret corners of the virtual reality of LIPA.CLUB project. To look over the edge of the real world, to face head-on with the revived Belarusian heroes of fairy tales, myths and legends will be possible using the Oculus Rift headset, which will be equipped with an exhibition hall.

– Exhibition Opening of the Holy Beauty, dedicated to the graphic art of 19th century. Here for the first time in the museum’s history will be presented the collection of engraving boards, as well as prints from them that will allow to see the creative idea of ​​the author and to get acquainted with biblical scenes of the Old and New Testaments. A separate section will present equipment and engraver tools. Excursions will be conducted with interactive part – you can feel like a master-printer, making a print on paper.


– October – November: exhibition of sculptor-priest Antanas Rymavičûs For God and Man (joint project of Museum of the History of Religion and Šiauliai Museum Aušros  (Lithuania).

– Event dedicated to the holiday of Succoth, established in memory of the Jewish people wandering through the Sinai desert (in the framework of the Days of Jewish Culture program).

Exhibition ABC of Godlessness timed to the 100th anniversary of October Revolution of 1917 and dedicated to the religious policy of the Soviet state.

Confessional history the Soviet Union, including the Soviet Belarus, after the October Revolution of 1917 reflects all the contradictions and problems that have characterized the Soviet society as a whole. With the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat began a long history of confrontation of the state and Church. Exhibition includes books, periodicals, documents, posters and other printed publications 1920-1980s, which reflect the anti-religious policy of the Soviet state.


Exhibition of one object Mastery in the Inheritance. At the exhibition will be presented  two icons of the last quarter of 19th century: Nativity of the Blessed Theotokos and Our Lady of Kazan – painted in the workroom in Sergiev Posad city. The authors of the icons are Ivan and Konstantin Malyshev – known in the 19th century representatives of the dynasty of Russian icon painters.


– Exhibition Journey to the Christmas holiday. Exhibition is traditional, but will differ with originality. In 2017 it is planned to cooperate with Grodno Orthodox and Catholic dioceses. Emphasis will be placed on the family tradition of celebrating. There will be displayed icons painted in the western and eastern traditions, books, sculpture.

Event dedicated to the holiday of Hanukkah, established in memory of the purification and sanctification of the Temple in Jerusalem (in the framework of the Days of Jewish Culture program).

Christmas matinees (together with home theater The Magic Weaver). Children and adults will become participants of theatrical and entertainment programs of The Magic Weaver home theater. They will travel to exciting game-quest, get acquainted with the Christmas exhibition of the Museum. There must be a traditional dance near the Christmas tree.

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