An electronic appeal to the Hrodna State Museum Of The History Of Religion can be sent by e-mail  muzey.religii  or using the indicated section “Electronic appeals”.


The special heading “Electronic Appeals”  is one of the means of appealing a citizen, including an individual entrepreneur, their representatives, representatives of legal entities to the Hrodna State Museum Of The History Of Religion with a statement, proposal, complaint in accordance with  the Law of the Republic of Belarus dated July 18, 2011 “On appeals of citizens and legal entities” .
The appeal is accepted for consideration if the applicant  complies with the requirements for electronic appeals . We ask you to carefully fill in the mandatory sections of the registration form, state the essence of the appeal clearly and correctly. Applications that do not meet  the requirements will not be considered.

Appeal for an individual

Application for a legal entity

The applicant  has the right to withdraw his application  before considering it on the merits by submitting a written application or sending an application in electronic form in the same way that the electronic application was sent.