The museum collection Graphics began to form in 1976 (collection of posters on the theme of By Lenin’s Course. 1974-1976). It’s divided into the following sub-collections: Easel Graphics, Playbills and Posters, Philately, Philocarty, Philotimy. The collection includes paintings (watercolor, gouache, pencil, pen, etc.), engravings, postcards, reproductions, lithography, chromolithography, playbills, posters, postal and non-postal stamps, envelopes and postcards, maximum cards, pocket calendars. The most valuable items in the museum collection are:

  • Album of marks of first years’ voluntary fees of Soviet power. RSFSR, 1919-1920-ies;
  • Poster. The Red Army killed all the enemies of the people. St. Petersburg, lit. by A.F. Marx, 1919 ;
  • Poster. Before and now. VSSR, 1921;
  • A collection of postcards with the views of Belarusian towns. End of 19th –beginning of 20th centuries;
  • A collection of Easter and Christmas postcards. Beginning of 20th century;
  • A collection of engravings with religious subjects. Italy, 19th century, and etc.

As of 01.01.2022, the museum collection Graphics includes 1154 objects of main fund and 414 objects of scientific and auxiliary materials’ fund.