The museum collection Wood began to form in 1974 (Signet of Uzmenskaya church, Miory district, Vitebsk region. 20th century).

The structure of the museum’s collection includes Belarusian sculpture of 16th – 20th centuries. (Catholic saints, angels, putti, Crucifixions); decorative carving from the interiors of cathedrals and churches; small sculptures (animals, mythical creatures, fairy tale characters as a reflection of people’s beliefs); ethnography and houseware items (Easter eggs, molds for Easter cakes, chute for eggs rolling, dishes, spoons, dower chests, spinning wheels, shuttles, spindles, furniture and decorative works of art, etc.), which have not only utilitarian but also a ritual purpose and it are necessary to display the calendar and family rituals of Belarusians; professional and folk Eastern religions sculpture. The most valuable museum objects in the museum’s collection are:

  • Sculpture. Sv.Kazimir. Belarus, beginning of 17th century;
  • Sculpture. Sv.Stanislav. Belarus, beginning of 17th century;
  • Sculpture. Angel with a trumpet. Belarus,18th century;
  • Sculpture. Crucifixion. Belarus, 17th century;
  • Sculpture. Puttі. Belarus, 17th century, and etc.

As of 01.01.2022, the museum collection Wood consists of 656 museum objects of main fund and 93 items of scientific and auxiliary materials’ fund.