The museum collection Houseware began to form in 1975 (Statuette. Sun Goddess Amaterasu. Japan, 20th century). The structure of the museum’s collection includes vytinanka, works of arts and crafts of straw, painting on glass, houseware, tools of labor, instruments and mechanisms, telephone cards, stationery and educational items, souvenirs. The most valuable museum objects in the museum’s collection are:

  • Mughir with elements of shahada. Belarus, 1st half of 20th century;
  • Mughir with the silhouette of a mosque. From a mosque in Ivie, 1st half of 20th century;
  • Mughir. Painting on Glass. Belarus, 1st half of 20th century;
  • Collection of vytinanka of Belarusian artists of different regions of Belarus. 20th century.

As of 01.01.2022, the museum collection Houseware consist of 1614 museum objects of main fund and 587 objects of scientific and auxiliary materials’ fund.