Museum Collection Fabrics began to form in 1975 (Antimension. 19th century). The collection includes liturgical fabrics and liturgical clothes of different confessions. A separate group consists of folk fabric (clothes, towels, blankets, carpets, etc.). Giving to the elements and ornamentation of Belarusian costume and towel the symbolic, magical using it in rituals and ceremonies transforms the Belarusian folk costume into an integral part of people’s beliefs. The museum collection also is filling with the works of modern masters, made in folk traditions. The most valuable museum objects in the museum’s collection are:

  • Ornatas with Slutsk belts. Belarus, 18th century;
  • Velum of the Slutsk belt. Belarus, 18th century;
  • Vestment of Slutsk belts. Belarus, 18th century;
  • Dalmatic. Italy, 17th century etc.

As of 01.01.2022, the museum collection Fabrics consists of 1396 museum objects of the main fund and 286 objects of scientific and auxiliary materials’ fund.