Here works a stationary exhibition The Age. Time. Building, which reveals the history of the palace, where houses the museum, and enters the world of the palace culture and family traditions of the XIX – beginning of XX centuries, in which formation religion played a decisive role.


Grodno State Museum of the History of Religion invites you to visit the exposition Religion and Culture in Belarus. In thirteen halls are presented complex of museum objects that reflect role of cultural creation of archaic beliefs, Christian confessions, Islam and Judaism.

Exhibition, built on the principle of thematic and chronology, covers the history of culture and religion in Belarus as an important social phenomenon and an integral part of human culture.

The visitors are offered sections on Culture and the archaic beliefs of the ancient inhabitants of the Belarusian land, The Life and teachings of Jesus Christ,  Culture and Christianity in the Belarusian lands in the X – XXI century, Islam and Tatar culture in Belarus, Judaism and Jewish culture in Belarus.

Among the exhibits is a rich collection of archaeological materials, small plastic of XII – XX centuries, the monuments of arts and crafts of XIII – XX centuries, the work of art (icons, portrait painting, historical painting) of XVI – XX centuries, as well as prints, printed books, musical instruments.