The Museum Fund of Grodno State Museum of the History of Religion has over 89,000 exhibits. All of them require not only conservation, but, because of aging – the rehabilitation and disclosure of their true qualities. Particular attention is mainly paid to the restoration of the icons (tempera and oil paintings), which form a very valuable part of the museum collection, as well as the restoration of coins, medals, vessels, small copper sculpture, books, archaeological monuments and other museum objects takes place.

Restoration studio works in the museum since January 1980. The first artist-restorer was Olga Gorshkovoz, and since 1982 the position occupies Vladimir Kisly, art restorer of the highest category. Over the years it has been restored more than 800 museum objects (in 2019 – 30). The museum operates The Restoration Council, whose duties include inspection of the safety of the exhibits in the exposition, the selection of museum objects for the restoration from the museum funds, the approval of the restoration techniques. Documentation of all restoration operations – a mandatory part of the restoration process. As a result of work on the restoration of museum objects there is composed a passport, which contains information about all the stages of the restoration process, including photographic images. The main principle whom the restorer of the museum is guided – the minimum interference within the structure of the monument to be restored, as the highest value is its authenticity, its individual characteristics and its preservation. At the First National Forum Museums of Belarus in 2012, the museum received a diploma for a victory in the nomination The Best Work of The Restorer for the restoration of the portrait of monk – Carthusian John Houghton (Western Europe, 17th century).