Acquisition of museum funds is one of the main directions of activity of the museum. Its task – to identify and collect items corresponding to the profile and activities of the museum, with the aim of converting them into museum exhibits to replenish the museum’s collections. Grodno State Museum of the History of Religion holds acquisition of funds in two ways:

1. Thematic acquisition. The museum funds are completed in accordance with the exposition and exhibition work. To expand the certain themes, collection of objects that are grouped accordingly these themes, is done independently of their typological characteristics.

2. Typological acquisition. Typological (systematic) acquisition of funds is aimed to replenish the existing museum collections, taking into account the prospects of museum work, to create new collections. Collecting of objects is being held according to the general typological features that unite them.

For the thematic and typological acquisition of the museum funds is the actual the documentation of the era. To accomplish this, the funds are equipped with objects that reflect the activities of religious organizations in the world today.

To reflect fully the spirit and history of the development of religious beliefs and confessions in Belarus museum fund should contain objects that are direct or in total are
carriers of information about the processes and phenomena of religious life in Belarus in the past and in today’s society.

Location of the museum in a former palace of the 18th century, which belonged to Karol Hreptovich (later changed several owners – A. Tyzengavz, F. Muchynski, I. Lyahnitski), implies the existence of another trend in acquisition. This building is the only surviving of the noble palaces of the city (in the 18th century there existed 47). Work of the part of the exhibition Epoch. Time. Building requires objects of urban life in the museum collections.

On 01.01.2022, the Museum Fund of Grodno State Museum of the History of Religion consists of 72554 museum objects of the main fund and 17147 objects of scientific and auxiliary materials’ fund.