The museum collection Periodicals began to form in 1978 (Newspaper. Rural news. Grodno, 1973). Allocated in a separate museum collection in December 2014. The collection includes magazines, newspapers, newsletters, and other periodicals. The most valuable museum objects in the collection are:

  • Magazine. Przegłąd Prawosławny. Grodno, 1939;
  • Newspaper (filing). Belarusian Krynica. Vilnius, 1927;
  • Journal (filing). Christian Thought. Vilnius, 1939;
  • Newspaper (filing). Biełarus. Vilnius, 1913;
  • Newspaper (filing). Biełarus. Vilnius, 1914;
  • Magazine. Rycerz Niepokalanej. Grodno, 1925.

As of 01.01.2019, the museum collection Periodicals consists of 1376 museum items of the main fund and 974 objects of scientific and auxiliary materials’ fund.

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