The museum collection Pictorial Art began to form in 1975 (Icon Our Lady Milkgiver. 19th century).

The structure of the museum’s collection includes icons, depicted on the canvas (and the Uniate and Catholic sacred art), as well as works by professional and amateur artists. A separate subgroup occupy works depicting folk holidays and ceremonies. The most valuable objects in the museum’s collection are:

  • Gilyary Khaetsky. Holy Family. Belarus, the 1630th;
  • Icon. Holy Family. Belarus, 18th century;
  • Icon. St.Teklya. Belarus, 17th – 18th centuries;
  • Icon. Mother of God of Belynichi. Belarus, 18th century etc.

As of 01.01.2022, the museum collection Pictorial Art consists of 268 museum objects of main fund and 50 objects of scientific and auxiliary materials’ fund.