The museum collection Icons began to form in 1975 (the icon The beheading of John the Baptist. Russia, 19th century). The collection includes icons with images of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, the saints, biblical stories and religious holidays of the Christian confessions – Orthodox, Catholic, Uniate.

The collection contains icons of Gomel and Mogilev school of the Belarusian icon painting, icons of iconic schools of states, with which Belarus was in a single state formation (Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine), as well as the South Slavic countries (Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro), the works of contemporary artists, icons carved on wood, stone, etc. The most valuable items in the museum’s collection are:

  • Icon. Hodegetria. Belarus. End of 16th – beginning of 17th century;
  • Icon. Vladimir Image of The Mother of God. Russia, early17th century;
  • Feratron. Our Lady The Custody / Our Lady of Czestochowa. Belarus, 1747;
  • Icon. Jesus Christ, Savior of The World. Belarus, end of 17th century – early 18th century;
  • Icon. St. Prophet Elijah in the desert. Stone. Athos, 13th century etc .;

As of 01.01.2022 the museum collection Icons includes 971 museum objects of main fund and 610 objects of scientific and auxiliary materials’ fund.