The museum collection Documents and Publications began to form in 1977 (Doc. Indulgence of St. Anthony with the God’s grace of Tuskulanski bishop, the vicar-general of the papal Roman Curia… April 12, 1766).

It’s divided into the following sub-collections: Documents, Publications. The structure of the museum’s collection includes act documents, clerical work documents and personal documents (handwritten, typed, printed) on the history of traditional and non-traditional confessions; printed materials (leaflets, booklets, programs, invitations); diploma theses and courseworks, essays, doctoral and candidate dissertations on philosophy, culture and the history of religion problems; personal documents (certificates, passports, diplomas). Big subgroup consists of items that indicate the origin and development of the struggle against religion in the Soviet Union, the emergence of new holidays and rituals. The most valuable museum objects in the museum’s collection are:

  • Document. Autentyk. Rome, 1766;
  • Metric book of baptism and marriage of the parish church in village Vasilishki, Radun deanery. 1626-1652;
  • Matrimonial metric book of Golshanskiy parish church. 1776-1808, and etc.

As of 01.01.2022, the museum collection Documents and publications includes 10741 museum objects of main fund and 3707 items of scientific and auxiliary materials’ fund.